Monday, August 11, 2008

Watercolor: In Love with Gouache

"What's 'gouache'?" You may be asking. Well gouache is a type of watercolor. I love it because I think it has the best of both worlds with typical watercolor, and acrylic (also another form of watercolor), in that gouache is still workable after it dries like watercolor, but has a white pigment like acrylic and can be very opaque.

In this recent painting of mine from my original photo, I decided to take more of a translucent approach, but used the white pigment in parts of the nest. The only dowfall to the white is that it can "muddy up" easily, so I reccommend still trying to use the white of the paper as your true white in the piece.
You can buy this piece and other gouache pieces of mine online or at my studio Kelly's Artbox in Occoquan, VA.

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