Thursday, November 27, 2008

Green Accessories; Eco Friendly Jewelry

It seems that everywhere I go I see the phrase "go green". So much so, that it has become a trend (let's hope not a fad) in everyday life, art, fashion, and more. I have a few designs in my shop that I wanted to talk about that would be the perfect gift for that "green" person in your life.

My Guitar String Ring is made completely by recycled/repurporsed guitar strings that are sent to me by musicians all over the DC area. Each one has it's own personal musical story. The one's pictured are $13, and they're stackable! To purchase this ring, or a guitar string ring of a different style, please visit:

My Mod Silver Bird design is one of my most popular. It is made from Artclay, which is a precious metal clay (99.9% silver suspended in a clay binder). Artclay is made from recycled silver from the film industry. Now I've turned it into a cute little bird to adorn your neck.

Necklaces range from $28-34 you can purchase them here:

Don't know what to do with your old broken watch? Turn it into a "timeless" piece of jewelry (sorry I couldn't help myself :-)
Alot of times in my designs I will use objects I've found, old keys, etc. This necklace "Time for Steampunk" features watch gears, hands, etc. and an antique winder. It's one of a kind, $46 and can be purchased here:

My entire Etsy shop ( is natured themed and you'll find lots of great eco-friendly accessories there! Hope this inspires you to look good and be green doing it. :-) Happy Shopping!

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