Friday, December 12, 2008

Custom Breyer Horses- Chic and Mystic

As a Manassas artist, I dabble in all kinds of things to help keep me creative. Customizing Breyer model horses started out as a hobby, but I've found there's somewhat of a demand for it, and lucky me I am always happy to re-create that special equine friend on a Breyer model.

Meet Chic and Mystic. Chic is related to Smart Chic Olena, and I had a lot of fun recreating this gorgeous stallion. I will be doing another custom of him on the Olena mold, and I'll post when that's done!

To see what goes into my customs, please read one of my previous blog posts here:

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Lisa Julia Photography said...

Gosh these are beautiful....the photos are beautiful too!!