Monday, January 21, 2008

Custom Breyer Work in Progress

Ok, so here is my newest custom creation...she is still a wip, but I think she's coming out very nice so far.

She was a white dapple horse-- and I've now turned her into an anatomically correct paint mare.

I also rescupted her mane and added more to her tail. The mane and tail are resculpted with this amazing, but smelly epoxy putty. The putty works like clay and adheres to pretty much anything and becomes the consistency of the resin.

I also invested in a handheld Dremel tool. I LOVE IT. It's a handy tool to smooth out the models rough spots, take off the logos and seams, and carve out hooves, ears, and nostrils. If you're going to do the custom model horse hobby, and do it well, I suggest purchasing the Dremel Stylus.

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