Monday, January 28, 2008

Man, That Horse is Ugly!

Here is my newest breyer custom in progress-- the family arabian stallion mold. I will be updating pictures as he now turned she comes along! This is a picture of what the mold kinda looked like before I started re-sculpting it and sanding it down. The model I had was in less-than mint condition with lots of scuffs, and an ear chip.
I took off his tail, took off his stallion parts, gave him--now her-- anatomically correct mare parts, re-sculpted the tail to make it look more arabian like, added more to the mane to make it more flowing, sanded all the seams and removed the logo, carved out the ears, gave her a new ear, carved out the nostrils, and carved out the hooves. I also bent the front leg more.
You can see she looks really ugly right now, but I see potential in her silhouette.

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Charsbeads4u said...

That's an amazing job you did on that horse! I wish I had known you years ago when we had horses that my mother had since I was a child, they were all broken, need too much to fix from our perspective, but sadly they have all be thrown away when she moved! I never even thought of restoring them! How sad! You have great talent!!! =)