Friday, April 10, 2009

Custom Breyer Model- Spark

Meet Spark!
She is a Quarter Horse who's home is in Weatherford, Texas! I've done a previous model for her owners which won "World Champion" in the PtHA model horse show.
I hope she does just as well.

What goes into my customs?

Minor resculpting, carved hooves ears and nostrils, sanding, logo removal, seam removal, airbrushing, painting details with acrylics, glossing hooves, nostrils, and eyes, and varnishing.
This little gal even has realistic metal horseshoes!
Lots of love and work goes into each model, but I love doing it! To see more of my customs, please visit my website at:
Get your own custom model horse for $65-100!

1 comment:

Laura Pugh said...

You did a great job on this model. I'm sure the person who commissioned it will be very happy.

By the way, your blog and website look really good. You must have been working hard on them.