Monday, April 13, 2009

Train Children's Mural- The Process

As a muralist here in Northern Virginia, one of the most frequent things I hear (Besides, "Oh, you're an artist? I can't even draw a stick figure!") is "Oh, it must be easy doing your job! All you do is paint all day..."
An artist's job only looks easy. We do more work than you think. :-) In this post I will discuss the process of a mural I did today for a little boys train themed room.

1. Meeting with the client to view the space, and discuss exactly what they had in mind for the mural. In this case, I had to work on a dark blue wall and the client wanted a "fun, bubbly" mural that wasn't too cartoony, and not too realistic. She had some prints already hung up that she wanted the mural to match with (below). Sometimes, in order to save the client money and me a trip, the client will email me a photo of the room and tell me the desired length for the mural.

2. Preliminary and final sketches. After talking with the client, I make 3-5 sketches of different ideas for the mural. The client then decides which one they like best, and I draw the final sketch. Most times the final is turned into a transparency and used for the actual mural.
3. The mural is turned into a reality! I used colors found in the decor. The paints I use are high quality, fast drying acrylics. I don't varnish the mural unless the client asks, but acylic itself is a sturdy, color-true paint. I also use paint markers for fine lines and details.

Do you have a child's room or nursery you'd like to spruce up? Or an empty space in your home that you just don't know what to do with? Fill it with a mural! I produce high quality murals for affordable rates. Contact me for more info:

I serve: Northern Virginia, some parts of Washington DC and Maryland, ashburn, leesburg, manassas, woodbridge, haymarket, clinton, bristow, fairfax, alexandria, arlington, and more.

Most murals can be done in 4-8 hrs. This one was done in 2 hours.
Don't think that just because it goes quickly that it's "easy"! Preparation and travel take time and money too. :-)

This mural is my own copyrighted original design and work and should not be replicated by any other artist.

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